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It often happens that your dart syringe gets lost or destroyed, like in the case of darting monkeys when they just take it from their buts and dismissively destroy 10 dollars of equipment it in your face. And, in my case I have never used less that 4 shots on a macaque to hit him good. In this case you definitely cannot afford around 50 dollars only to immobilize an animal. So you have to find other cheep ways to stay in business of  treating wild-animals. So, here is how you can make your own dart syringe and needle  from two 3 ml normal Luer lock syringes and 18 G needles , that will cost you a couple of cents.

Dart destroyed by macaque

Dart destroyed by macaque

Homemade dart syringes  and the material required

Homemade dart syringes and the material required

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