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Your parents found you spending hours and hours watching Animal Planet, Discovery Channel or reading old National Geographic magazines and you would not wear anything without a tiger or o vulture printed on it? Your favorite place in the world was the little zoo of your city where you knew every animal by it’s given name and its species in tree different languages including Latin, before you really were able to write your name properly? Your all-time heroes were Jeff Corwin, Mark O’Shea and Steve Irwin to whom you’ve sent mails telling how big fan you are, but they somehow never replayed? You’ve been bouldering for a couple of years now, you only buy your cloths from mountain shops, you are a survival techniques wannabe and all your weekends you try to spend them in the forest?

This is how you knew that your life must have to do something with wild animals, maybe even getting paid for it. Being a keeper was too big of an issue in your all university graduate family, a biologist you found it to be to much “bla-bla” about taxonomy and DNA stuff so the only thing left was the veterinary studies. (more…)

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Yaboumba World team made a veterinary-based visit to IkamaPeru Wildlife Conservation Organization in Peruvian Amazon (Pakaya Samiria National Park) with the wish to assist different primate clinical cases, asses the ongoing diseases, sexing and making breeding groups of macaws and think about future involvement and awareness.

This is the slideshow/clip that is trying to visually summarize our experience there. Enjoy!

Ovidiu Rosu

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