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So, we’re (almost) back from holidays, and it is time to post an article that is already long due. It was published in the last EAZWV newsletter this year and it tells the “story” of the latest EAZWV conference from the point of view of a student.



May was an unexpectedly crazy month for me this year and I barely had two quiet days in a row. It seems that May has the highest conference/congress/symposia density per unit of time and, like any other passionate (ok, geeky) student, I tried to take part at least in some. Of course that my neat and organized Austrian schedule went right down the drain, and turned into a chaos. I had to reschedule a whole week of clinical rotation, 4 courses and at least 3 assistants and professors heard my apologies on why I wouldn’t be able to attend their lectures…But I made it (I think…).



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