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Mi.15. 10th 2008

AAP:Primate Rehabilitation Center

Kemphaanpad 1 1358 AC Almere, Holland


120 primates from which 37 chimpanzees

The APP center is a rehabilitation center focused on primates. The animals are brought from different places where they have been mistreated or where the individuals were incapable to integrate with peers.

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This is an article I published in the EAZWV Newsletter 2008, about the 2 months we spent at the Arcturos project in Greece.

im000569“The centuries old Greek legend says that Callisto, a mortal princess deceived by Zeus, and his son Arcadian, were transformed into constellations named Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Zeus however, trying to protect them from the wrath of Hera, placed them under the protection of another star, Arctouros (guardian of the bear = Arctos). This is the wonderful story that people hear, but it all has some correspondent in the real world.

Some 3 years ago, in 2005, I was lucky enough to get invited to a project of ethological assessment of the bears in Arktouros Bear Sanctuary, in Greece, right in the middle of the legend (you can find more details about the project and the legend on http://www.arcturos.gr/en/). For me it was the biggest project I’ve been into at the time, I was only a second year “rookie” and you imagine my enthusiasm (I was actually climbing the walls of excitement…). (more…)

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