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This is a female slow loris (700g) from IAR wildlife rescue center in Ciapus, Indonesia.

For almost two months the loris has a deep laceration on the plantar side of the hand with 2 fingers been amputated due to a fight with another peer. The laceration affected the finger tendons, and from the 3 renaming fingers, only the big thumb is functional.  It was been given systemically NSAIDs (carpofen) and antibiotics (clindomicyn) for most of this period, without any improvement. It seems that laceration in lorises tend to have a very low healing rate. It was considered the amputation of the hand, but due to the climbing behavior of the lorises and the fact that the remaining fingers were still vascularised, it was considered to try saving the hand. So, for the last three weeks the animal had the hand properly cleaned up and daily a soft bandage was changed.  The animal had to be put under Isoflurane anesthesia, due to the pain caused by the intervention and  lorises particular strength and difficulty of hand restrain.


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