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This is an article on feral horse remote chemical immobilization  submitted and accepted for poster presentation at the  International  Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals, 16th-19th May 2012, Bussolengo/Verona, Italy.

You can download full article here: Alternative chemical immobilization protocol in a group of captive feral horses using homemade remote delivery

During a 6 months period, we managed to safely perform 102 remote chemical immobilisations on a group of 50 recently captured feral horses. For all procedures a standard combination of 25 mg detomidine, 62.5 mg tiletamine, 62.5 mg zolazepam and 10 mg butorphanol per delivered dart was used and repeated when necessary. We used 3.5 ml handmade darts delivered by an 11 mm wide improvised blowpipe. For better darting and anaesthesia induction results an additional smaller no-eye contact enclosure, was built which reduced the stress of the immobilisation procedures. Bigger and highly temperamental horses needed more than one dart to get recumbent. In most cases (78.4%) the horses had a smooth induction and awakening. The 19.6% rougher awakenings were attributed to longer anaesthesia onset and duration or to the individual horses temperament.



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