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39 free range wild horses (males and females) were brought from Danube Delta and kept altogether in a 3500 m2 square shaped paddock. Because of different reasons including infectious diseases issues and high aggression of the stallions in a compact group, we have decided that the sterilization of the adult males will be the best option to take.

Physiological and behavioral considerations:

Despite their normal peer preference, when they tend to form groups of 4-5 individuals, once a disturbance in their daily habit takes place, the horses stick together, are extremely cautious of the surroundings and gallop as a heard.

In comparison with the domesticated horses, in these horses we noticed a tendency for masking the underlying diseases and a higher capacity to cope with pain. (more…)


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When we think of conservation we automatically think of far away, exotic species standing on the brink of extinction, expecting our intervention. But we often forget to look in our own back yard. Even if Europe is nowadays a highly agglomerate, industrial, “developed” world, that has nothing to do with the remote or exotic flair of the Amazonian jungle or the wide African savannas, there are still patches of wilderness closer to us than we might expect.

The habitat of Europe’s iconic species was reduced over time to such an extent, that some of the countries completely excluded form their lives the simple idea of having wild animals among their settlements. The socio-economic landscape of Europe has been modified in the last two centuries so profoundly, that, for example, in Austria and Germany the people’s fear of being attacked on the ski slopes rejected any programs of reintroduction of the brown bear, or any other big carnivore whatsoever.Picture 058 (more…)

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Yaboumba Romania

DSC_2082OutdoorVets are the new representatives of Yaboumba foundation in Romania! Thank you Norin Chai for your support and for believeng in us!


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This is an article I published in the EAZWV Newsletter 2008, about the 2 months we spent at the Arcturos project in Greece.

im000569“The centuries old Greek legend says that Callisto, a mortal princess deceived by Zeus, and his son Arcadian, were transformed into constellations named Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Zeus however, trying to protect them from the wrath of Hera, placed them under the protection of another star, Arctouros (guardian of the bear = Arctos). This is the wonderful story that people hear, but it all has some correspondent in the real world.

Some 3 years ago, in 2005, I was lucky enough to get invited to a project of ethological assessment of the bears in Arktouros Bear Sanctuary, in Greece, right in the middle of the legend (you can find more details about the project and the legend on http://www.arcturos.gr/en/). For me it was the biggest project I’ve been into at the time, I was only a second year “rookie” and you imagine my enthusiasm (I was actually climbing the walls of excitement…). (more…)

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