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39 free range wild horses (males and females) were brought from Danube Delta and kept altogether in a 3500 m2 square shaped paddock. Because of different reasons including infectious diseases issues and high aggression of the stallions in a compact group, we have decided that the sterilization of the adult males will be the best option to take.

Physiological and behavioral considerations:

Despite their normal peer preference, when they tend to form groups of 4-5 individuals, once a disturbance in their daily habit takes place, the horses stick together, are extremely cautious of the surroundings and gallop as a heard.

In comparison with the domesticated horses, in these horses we noticed a tendency for masking the underlying diseases and a higher capacity to cope with pain. (more…)


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040209151250Two Galapagos Tortoises had to be transported to Stockholm Zoo and for this matter they’ve had to be examined and the sex determined. Diagnostic ultrasonography  was used to identify the sex of the turtles. Each turtle was placed sternally on a ladder which restrained the  movement.   A linear ultrasound transducer was placed on the inguinal area, just cranial of the hind limb. In one turtle it was clearly seen on the display  shapes of the eggs. It was concluded that one turtle was a female and the other a male.

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