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* This is a case discussion submitted to the Exotic DVM Yahoo group

The condition started 4 months ago, on the 16th of march, when the animal was brought to the clinic presenting  one ulcerative lesion on the palmar side of one finger articulation (on the right leg).
It was treated twice a day with Clindamycin orally and a traditional chinese mix plant powder topically for one week. The ulcer got bigger and after one week we’ve started giving Synulox, Metacam and put bandage on the wound. The process deteriorated involving the underlying tissues, muscles, tendons. After 3 weeks we’ve decided to amputate 2 of the fingers and change the bandage daily under Iso anesthesia. We were not able to find enough skin to surgically close the wound properly so we left it open hopeing to heal per secondam. Topically we’ve put Bioplacenton gel (Neomicyn/ placenta extract mix) and decided to stop the systemic antibiotics.

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