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* This is a case discussion submitted to the Exotic DVM Yahoo group

IAR rescue-rehab-release center of orangutans in Ketapang, West Kalimantan Island, Indonesia.

Baby male orangutan, 7 kilos, 1,5 years, relapsing from Entameoba histolityca infection.

The problems started this January, with a first ameobiasis infection, being apathic and having mucous bloody feces. It was treated with the standard metronidazole 15mg/kg BID for 10 day,then the animal recovered.
After some weeks we saw that he was pale, we’ve took a look at the blood and saw he had malaria (pretty frequent in that area). He was treated for it and improved.

After the malaria episode, another couple of weeks had passed and we saw again signs of aptahy this time with high fever, low Ht and low trombocites. This time he was diagnosed having Dengue Fever. (more…)


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