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* This is a case discussion submitted to the Exotic DVM Yahoo group
Male slow loris, 530 grams, big amount of pus in the cheek due to a tooth extraction.

almost 2 months ago we’ve made the dental extraction of the right and left upper P4 premolars (they were rotten insde), and put him on oral Amoxi/Clav ac. and metacam. The folowing days we saw that there was a little amount of pus from the right upper premolar hole, flush it for a little while and after some other couple of days everything seemed cleaned so we’ve send him to his rehab place.
It passed one week and we saw a fairly big amount of puss coming down from the extraction hole of the right premolar. This time we’ve started giving Baytril for 5 days, but still no improvement so we’ve changed it to Synulox (8 days), and this time we did not see animore the pus (so back to his place agian). (more…)


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